The Leonardo Collection Mackintosh Mug from LP95498 | Two Different Designs 1 Sent at Random | Fine China, Boxed 250ml


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Rennie Mackintosh Fine China Mug from Lesser & Pavey Leonardo Collection LP95498, Two Different Designs РOne Sent at Random , The Mackintosh range offers a fantastic choice of modern homewares which are very much in the manner of one of Britain’s best know architects, artists and designers from the the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Over one hundred years on, art works in this style still continue to prove popular. The range shows off a lovely selection of items which make thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Mackintosh studied at the Glasgow School of Art and is famous for designing buildings and their interiors, and this superb collection is inspired by his wonderful stained glass designs.

  • Rennie Mackintosh Mug from the Lesser & Pavey Leonardo Collection LP95498
  • Two Different Designs – One Sent at Random
  • 11 x8x10cm 250ml
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Perfect Gift for Tea or Coffee with this high quality and artistically designed mug made from fine china.

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