The Leonardo Collection LP45322 Bulb Shaped Desire Aroma Lamp | Pink Mosaic Design | 1 Pc


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SKU: 6U-MQBT-MIA9 Category: Brand: Lesser & Pavey


  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Pink Mosaic Bulb Shaped Desire Aroma Lamp | 14x14x19 cm
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Enhance your room’s ambience with this aroma lamp that features an elegant pink mosaic design.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME AND OFFICE USE: This aroma lamp’s elegant light display is perfect for creating a relaxing and stylish ambience for your personal space.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made from high-quality glass and plastic materials that give a beautiful mosaic texture to its design.
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE: This aroma lamp is easy-to-use because it is activated by human touch rather than a mechanical switch.

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Weight 1.11 lbs
Dimensions 15.2 × 15.5 × 24 in